• Why Squad: Second Innings

    No, I don't think the world at large is interested in what I am doing with my life. But I needed to write this because this question will get asked often internally, and because DRY
  • Vikas Gulati - The Platform behind Squad's Platform

    Just me fanboying about my mentor, with the sole purpose of getting more page views on my sad blog when he becomes famous.
  • Hack Django ORM to calculate Median and Percentiles (Or make annotations great again!)

    Hack Django ORM to make RawSQL work for you
  • Blazingly fast querying on huge tables by avoiding joins

    Tl;dr: Avoid joins on large tables and evaluate parts of queries beforehand to get 100–10,000x performance gains!
  • Estimated counts for faster Django Admin change_list

    Short story of how we reduced the response time of some of our admin pages by 1000x.
  • AI and News Flashes: The Observer Pattern

    What do you do when you are asked to create a notification system where the objects to be notified get added/removed at runtime? You stop giving a shit about them, and code for the interface.
  • Preventing Rubber Ducks from Flying: The Strategy Pattern

    What do you do when the OO concepts you have abided by since your school days land you in trouble? You relearn them.
  • Design Patterns Quick Reference: Index

    Increasingly complex design decisions are needed to be taken, and we are ill equipped. ketanbhatt takes one for the team and stacks knowledge on Design Patterns. This here is why and how I am doing it.
  • ElasticSearch, Django and Haystack

    How we used ElasticSearch and Haystack to power searches on our Django Admin. Documented here are our trials and learnings with Haystack. And a cool new fork for you to use.
  • Building Habits, with a lot of help from Github

    Me and Arpit hacking our habit retention problem using Electron and free time. And taking a lot of inspiration from Github!
  • Noobs, This is How We Test APIs

    (Disclaimer: I am a noob myself) Should you follow Test Driven Development (TDD) when you are just a beginner? Well that’s exactly the right time to start, because it is always easier to learn than unlearn. I came across this choice while building a REST API backend for a project I am a part of. Here is my research.

  • Stream Files to Amazon S3

    For any SaaS platform it is common to use a 3rd party hosting service for uploading files and serving them through a CDN. Amazon S3 is a common choice.

  • Git Your B'Day Caps Ready!

    Introduction posts can wait, but a ten-year anniversary only comes once in a decade. And what better way to kick off your blog than to wish Git a very Happy Birthday? (No, don’t even try suggesting better ways!). But why? Because, for one thing, Git is what has made this website possible. I am very thankful to Linus Torvalds for creating something that has improved our lives as coders and maintainers.

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