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Git Your B'Day Caps Ready!

April 07, 2015 programming

Introduction posts can wait, but a ten-year anniversary only comes once in a decade. And what better way to kick off your blog than to wish Git a very Happy Birthday? (No, don’t even try suggesting better ways!). But why? Because, for one thing, Git is what has made this website possible. I am very thankful to Linus Torvalds for creating something that has improved our lives as coders and maintainers.

I will admit that my first experience with Git was very frustrating. I was coding a super simple website with a friend and we got stuck in a myriad of merge conflicts. They were so devastating that we ended up manually copying pasting the code and, as a result, had four Github repositories by the time we finished. Our mistake was that we went pro before even trying out Git on our own.

But I was sure that all this fuss about VCSs in general, and Git in specific, could not be for nothing. So I used it again the next time I started a project and got hooked. Other than it being perfect as a distributed version control system, a git commit is mentally very satisfying, getting closer to project completion, one commit at a time. Sometimes when I feel hopeless, git log​ tells me, “Come on, you did all that, this new thing can’t be impossible!”. You get addicted to this (git) push.

Now how is it responsible for this website? Because the site is hosted on Github Pages, and each post is a new commit and push (More about it on later, perhaps!).

So thank you Git, and a very Happy Birthday.

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